A Truly Unique Day

An exclusive-use castle for you, your friends and family for the weekend? Why not?!

As a new wedding venue, I wasn't too sure what to expect when I first arrived at Westbury Castle, but what a beautiful and unique venue it is, made so much more so by Leonie and David's wonderfully personal touches throughout the entire day.

I arrived to a very chilled out morning of preparations, with the guest milling around the grand castle, having stayed over the night before.

A ceremony officiated by your good friend - check

Writing your own vows and promises - check

Sasha (the dog) overseeing proceedings - check

A slide show of your adventures as a couple so far - check

Next it was onto the lawn for some cocktails, followed by fairground games for all. Leonie and David had feared that their vision for the day would be ruined by the terrible weather forecast, but the rain stayed away, the sun came out and the guests made the most of the beautiful castle grounds.

We snuck away for some beautiful couple's portraits - followed, of course, by Sasha!

The Three Stooges, sorry I mean groomsmen, thought they'd stolen the show with the speeches...

...but that award goes to the surprise dance-off in place of the traditional first dance.

The evening was spent busting some questionable moves on the dancefloor (well, we were just out of lock-down and everyone was out of practise!), munching on pizza, hanging out in the bar or posing for the photobooth.

I left Leonie and David taking a quiet moment to themselves to reflect on their wonderful day after grabbing a couple more portraits as the sun set. A huge congratulations to you both. What a day!