Cliffs of Moher Wedding Photos

Wedding photoshoot at the stunning Cliffs of Moher, County Clare

beach bride and groom golden hour county clare ireland

Liz and Ben actually first booked me for a photoshoot whilst on honeymoon in Galway. However, accommodation issues meant a change of their plans and a relocation to the absolutely beautiful county of Clare.

After picking them up from their Airbnb, we had a quick stop off at the side of the road for this lovely castle, with the wild Atlantic way as a backdrop. A perfect start!

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Liz and Ben couldn't have timed their honeymoon better; Ireland was basking in the most wonderful warm summer's weather, with long evenings stretching on into glorious late-evening sunsets. We arrived at our beach location just as the sun was starting to give out it's golden evening glow.

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The beautiful open Clare countryside offers endless photo opportunities. Every way you turn, you are greeted by fields, hills, country roads and coastal views.

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Even on this beautiful, Irish summer's day, the popular tourist destination of the Cliffs of Moher at this time in the evening was calm, quiet and a stark contrast to the bustlingly buzz that you get during the day. I'd recommend anyone to visit in the evening if you can to avoid the crowds.

O'Brien's Tower, with the sun about to set behind it, made for a perfect stop-off for some silhouettes.

obriens tower cliffs of moher wedding photo
wedding couple cliffs of moher silhouette
silhouette cliffs of moher wedding photos obriens tower

Up for a hike to reach the picture-perfect location, Liz, Ben and I, set off enthusiastically along top of the cliffs. The team at the Cliffs of Moher Experience have done an exceptional job over the last few years in making sure that cliffs are safe and accessible.

Just a 20 minute hike put us in the perfect location to capture some wonderful memories with a stunning background as the sun set. Easy-going, up for an adventure, and with their love just radiating from them both, Liz and Ben absolutely smashed their photo session. It was such a pleasure to be a part of their honeymoon and to provide them with these memories to last a life time.

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